Location Info

We don’t shoot in a studio, so we’re always interested in new locations including factories, homes, offices, schools, sport facilities, churches, parks, hospitals and more. The list is long. For most of our images, the location is a critical background for photographs of our models.  Please see our Galleries to see how locations are utilized in stock photography. 

If we do use your location, we will ask you to sign a standard Property Release. This is a document that gives us your permission to market the photographs we will be taking at your location. We must have this form signed before we market the images. In order to check out our property release prior to a shoot, please follow this link - Property Release.

This frequently asked questions section will answer just about any question you might have related to a Jetta Productions shoot at your location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will this photo shoot take?

Anywhere from two to ten hours. It depends on the availability of the location, the number of images we are trying to get, and sometimes the time of year.

What will this cost me?

Nothing. We pay for everything.  We will pay for someone from your staff to act as security and open the doors for us.

How many people are involved in one of your shoots?

It can vary a lot. But it's usually two to six.

How will these photos be used?

We don’t know who will buy our images or which images will sell. But we've been doing this long enough to be able to predict, and therefore create, the kinds of images that historically have been successful. Our photos are usually purchased by companies who plan to use them in advertising, brochures, or web sites. They usually are searching for professional images that show the positive aspects of business and family life.

What kind of imposition will this be on my location?

The answer is minimal. We never stop business from happening or impose on family issues. We will shoot on weekends or at night or anytime you feel would be the least imposition. In the case of a business, we will hire someone from your staff to open doors for us.

What's in it for us as a location provider?

Our location providers usually prefer to work a trade. You get copies of everything we shoot so you can have free commercial photography to use for your own marketing, and we get access to your location to shoot. You might need specific photos that we can get for you while we are shooting. Or we can arrange to come back at a later date and get images specifically for you.  This trade has worked terrifically for a huge number of locations.

Will my location be identified in any way?

No. We want these images to be generic, so we will do everything we can to make certain we don’t visually define where we are, and we'll retouch all the logos. The photos are actually images of people. The location is simply a backdrop, so it's not a point of emphasis, but it is still very important.

Will you insure us?

Yes. We will put your location on our liability for the duration of the shoot. You will receive a copy of our insurance certificate by email.

Who will the models be?

We usually hire our own models so we know what we’re getting ahead of time. Sometimes, we’ll get to a location and cast some people who are already working there.  They have a great time.  It depends on the situation.

Why do I need to sign a property release?

The property release simply gives us your permission to market any photographs we will take at your location on the day of the photo shoot. The agencies that market our images for us require the property release be signed. To download and print a copy of the Property Release, go HERE.

Do you have references?

Yes we do.  Just ask us, and we will provide names and phone numbers for location managers who have worked with us in the past.  There's a lot of them.  We are confident they can explain what it's like to work with Jetta Productions.