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Auto Repair Shop Shoot
Monday, June 13, 2016
Auto Repair Shop Shoot

 New business locations are always a challenge.  I've been looking for new locations for more years than I count.  There's no easy on off switch we can turn to get to our next spot.  Sometimes we get suggestions from models and then other times friends tell us about a potential location.  Sometimes we hire location scouts.  Sometimes we just stumble into places.  The bottom line here is that we are constantly on the lookout for new businesses.  Large ones and small ones.  It doesn't matter.  Case in point - Bill Piere Ford.  This one lands in the "stumble onto it" ledger. My business partner/wife Deborah gets her car repaired here.  I went to the shop with her to pick up the car and glanced into the repair bay.  It was perfect.  Clean, simple, professional, colorful, not a lot of logos to be retouched.  That's a lot of what we look for in stock photography.  A perfect place to do a small business shoot. We negotiated with Bill Piere Ford and they allowed us into the location on a Sunday. Our models included  Jose Gandra, Nick Espinoza, Lauren Blier, Conseulo Javier, Carolyn Wright, Jose Gandra and Ryan Gessel .  The trick here was to show off the concepts of blue collar workers working as a team to solve problems.  We needed models who could play the blue collar part, and ...