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On the Jetta Productions blog site, we'll be looking at stock photography issues of interest to photographers, models and location owners.  Our hope is that we'll all learn more about what makes stock photography tick, and we'll explore a lot of different types of shoots and approaches.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Porch is a successful Seattle based website that connects home owners and remodeling contractors.  We did a Jetta Productions stock shoot at their office a while back.  We work trades all the time with locations in return for access to the facility.  In trade, Porch asked us to come back and photograph their employees at work.  The only caveats were that we could not set up anything and everything had to be shot exactly as it was happening.  The resulting images are a terrific example of the real every day life and culture of a leading edge company that relies on employee to employee collaboration to make things work.  It's a great view of what's happened to the culture of business, as compared to what things looked like only a few short years ago in cubicle land.  Like Porch, these images are real.  Nothing set up.  Nothing contrived. 

RAW Space Shoot
Monday, June 13, 2016

 We are always looking for new locations to shoot stock images.  This is a perfect example of how we can use a location to create a new shoot.  Mike Brixner, the property manager for Martin Selig Real Estate is an old friend and model I worked with in years past.  He showed me this raw space down by the waterfront in Seattle and asked if I thought it could work as a stock shoot location.  We almost jumped in his lap.  This is about the largest empty potential office space in Seattle.  We knew it would be perfect for us.  Stock photography is all about visual metaphors and this place was full of them.  We needed some good models for this gig, so we called Jaki Dixon, Sulee Allen, Taylor Lopez, Leo Raymundo and Evan Johnson to help us out with this one.  The summer temperature in Seattle was really hot and there was no air conditioning in the empty building, so it was miserable, but these guys hung in there for the whole shoot. Really impressive.  Over the years, these stock shoots have evolved into something akin to what Leo described as an improvisational jazz concert.  In the past, we used shoot lists and stuck pretty close to them, but at this point I pretty much know what a business stock shoot looks like.  David Atkinson (our 2nd Jetta Productions shooter) and I split up the space and we react based ...