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On the Jetta Productions blog site, we'll be looking at stock photography issues of interest to photographers, models and location owners.  Our hope is that we'll all learn more about what makes stock photography tick, and we'll explore a lot of different types of shoots and approaches.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

We love working in blue collar environments.  The two most recent factories we've worked with are both near Tacoma, Washington.  Belina Interiors and Schneider Simpson are the best in their particular expertise.  Schneider Simpson is the old school sheet metal shop.  They take any reasonable job big or small.  They don't care much for computers or cad machines.  They still use blueprints and good judgement.  Measure twice and cut once.  Old school the whole way and proud of it.  Belina Interiors is cut from the same kind of cloth, but much more target specific.  Belina only does interiors of multi million dollar yachts.  These guys are welding and bending and fitting to tolerances of 1/2000th of an inch and they do it by hand.  Again, it's all blue prints, years of experience and as few computers as possible.  These are old world craftsmen.  For these images, we used actual employees for models, and we also used some of our own inexperienced people as well.  In our photographs, it's pretty hard to tell the difference.  It's a bit of trick to make certain inexperienced models fit seamlessly into the backgrounds.  Locations are just super critical for good stock images.  Both Belina and Schneider Simpson are full of potential for great concepts and metaphors.