Saturday, June 18, 2016
By Jetta Productions
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Porch is a successful Seattle based website that connects home owners and remodeling contractors.  We did a Jetta Productions stock shoot at their office a while back.  We work trades all the time with locations in return for access to the facility.  In trade, Porch asked us to come back and photograph their employees at work.  The only caveats were that we could not set up anything and everything had to be shot exactly as it was happening.  The resulting images are a terrific example of the real every day life and culture of a leading edge company that relies on employee to employee collaboration to make things work.  It's a great view of what's happened to the culture of business, as compared to what things looked like only a few short years ago in cubicle land.  Like Porch, these images are real.  Nothing set up.  Nothing contrived.

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