Jetta Productions

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Jetta Productions creates still photographs, and motion clips, which are marketed around the world by our agents, Stocksy United, Getty Images, and Mint Images. We’re not paid by anyone to do stock photography, so we produce and pay for all of our shoots.  Our agents market our images all over the world for potential use on the web, as well as advertising, brochures, posters and magazines. Most often we shoot images of blue collar work and business, as well as commercial trucks. 

Models and locations are critical parts of our process.  We always shoot on location (never in the studio). The various locations act as a backdrop for the photographs of people working in different environments.  Our models are not professional actors or models. They’re average folks we find who enjoy being in front of a camera, working with people, collaborating on a creative project, having a good time and getting paid for it. The locations vary a lot.  They can include offices, factories, small family owned businesses, homes, boats, hotels, and lodges. 

If you’re a potential model thinking about getting involved in one of our shoots or a location owner considering providing a location for Jetta Productions, please follow the links to Models/Location Info on this site.  Just about every question you might have about a Jetta Productions stock photography shoot will be in those links.   If you need more information, please go to our Contact Us page.  We'll be glad to talk.